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The most dangerous motorcycle in the world

A new generation of titanium scooters is making its way to the U.S. market and some people are having problems riding them.The Titanium Molar Mass Scooter is a titanium bar that looks like a bar of aluminum and is designed to help you move the bike faster.The bar can travel up to 100 miles per […]

When the nipple bar goes off, it’s a shocker

When the bar goes on, it shocks the wearer.And that’s what this time around.This time, the company is taking on the brand’s nipple bar, a nipple-sized device that’s designed to hold the nipple up.And while this isn’t the first time a company has tried to take on the breast-shaped bar, this time it’s using a […]

How to get a titanium (and platinum) watch for under $50

Platinum is now the gold standard for watch-making.But when you need a platinum watch, there are two different options.There’s titanium, which has a higher melting point and is also more durable.It’s the standard for luxury watches, and it’s also used for all kinds of other watches, from the wrist-worn Omega watches to the Rolex Submariner.Both […]

How to use the new titanium drill bits

Posted March 12, 2019 04:11:37 The Titanium Bits are not only a staple in the titanium-tech arsenal, they’re also a must-have for any titanium shop.They are the perfect tool for those who are working with stainless steel, or who want to get into a biter business.A biter is when you are grinding and polishing, cutting, […]

What terraria is and why it’s important

Terraria is an area of high elevation, typically dominated by tall trees and shrubs.Terraria can be an intimidating environment, with a variety of terrariums.It is best suited to people who have the time and inclination to spend a lot of time in a terrarium, and it is often a popular hobby for people who want […]

Why is the titanium alloy so hard?

The titanium alloy is made up of two atoms (titania) bonded together in a pattern of eight alternating positive and negative atoms.In the late 1970s, this arrangement was used in a titanium carbide alloy to make armor plating for military aircraft.Today, titanium is used in some consumer electronics and computer parts.The titanium alloy has been […]

How to avoid the titanium dust and dust-up

As part of the ongoing investigation into the deadly 2010 coronavirus, researchers at Oxford University and the University of Cambridge are conducting a study of the titanium used in toothbrushes, toothpastes, gums, and other consumer products.They are looking at how much titanium dust is produced when the product is broken, and whether it causes the […]

Why you should ditch titanium on your bike

When it comes to bike parts, titanium is king.In fact, it’s probably the most commonly used metal on the planet.It is so popular that its metal is used on everything from titanium bicycles to titanium bikes to titanium skateboards to titanium forks to titanium pedals.The beauty of titanium is that you can buy a titanium […]

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