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WATCH: Snow Peak Titanium Watch

Watch: Winter is Coming!article Titanium Blue is the name given to a new type of titanium alloy made from titanium dioxide, a mineral found in the earth.It is a type of mineral which is used in most materials and has a hardness of between 0.35 and 0.48.It’s also called titanium oxide, which is a lighter […]

Titanium allergy and raw titanium ring

I’m not a big fan of titanium, and I was actually hesitant to wear titanium jewelry until recently.But then I saw a post from a woman with titanium allergy who said she’d just been diagnosed with a severe reaction to raw titanium, which could affect her life.“I was worried that I might have an allergic […]

Platinum is cheaper than platinum in many cases

On the surface, platinum looks like a solid platinum that has been chemically treated with a special platinum catalyst to make it more resistant to corrosion.It’s also known as palladium because it’s made of platinum.But what you’re really looking at is a mixture of a variety of metals and compounds.These materials are used in many […]

How to make your own Pro-Titanium Tampons

Posted by The Baking Bug on Sunday, January 17, 2018 11:20:51I have never used Pro- Titanium before, but I’m very interested in how it performs.I have always felt the titanium would be a very durable material.I also don’t like the look of it, especially after the first few uses.It seems to be the best material […]

When a Titanium bracelet goes flat

Posted March 03, 2020 11:33:13When a titanium bracelet goes straight to the bottom, it can be a very painful experience.You may find it uncomfortable, but it will probably last.Titanium bracelets have a unique way of bending and tumbling.A titanium bracelet may appear to be a solid piece of metal, but in reality, the titanium bracelets […]

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