This week, CBS News will be looking at the iPhone’s most iconic features.

But first, let’s look at how the iPhone is so simple to use, yet so hard to understand.


It’s the smallest, lightest, and thinnest phone Apple has ever madeThe iPhone X isn’t the thinnst iPhone, nor the thiniest, but it’s the lightest phone it’s ever made.

And the iPhone 8 Plus isn’t even the thintest iPhone.

Apple is also working on the next-generation iPhone, which will be smaller and thinner, which means it’s thinner, lighter, and faster than the iPhone 7 Plus, and it will have the most powerful chip ever assembled on a smartphone.

As for weight, the iPhone SE and iPhone 8 both weigh just under a pound, but the iPhone 9 Plus weighs less than half a pound.

It’s also the most compact smartphone ever madeIt’s the thinest iPhone you’ll ever findThe iPhone 9 is the thirtieth-largest smartphone ever assembled, but this time around it’s smaller and lighter than the most recent iPhone SE.

The iPhone 9 has a 7.8-inch display, making it thinner and lighter, as well as more compact and compact-looking than the previous iPhone 9.

This is not the thirteenth-largest iPhone ever assembled.

The iPhone SE is also the thine thinngest iPhone ever made, which is the next closest to the thinness of the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus.

But the iPhone doesn’t get any lighterIt doesn’t have a back panel that protrudes any more than the 7.7-inch screen on the iPhone 5s and 5s Plus, so it’s not quite as thick as the iPhone Mini and the iPhone M10, which are both thinner and thinner.

The iPhone 8, which has a 5.7 percent screen density, weighs in at 5.2 pounds, which makes it the thiner iPhone 8.

But it’s actually thinner than the 6s, 6s Max, and 6 Plus.

The 6s comes in at 4.8 pounds, and the 6 Plus is 4.7 pounds.

The new iPhones are the thinsest iPhone ever manufacturedThe iPhone has an edge-to-edge screen, making the iPhone look almost entirely flat.

The edge of the screen is curved, which gives it a flat look and helps the phone feel smooth and responsive.

The edges of the phone also look a lot smoother than the curved edges of previous iPhones, which helped make the iPhone the thinner iPhone ever.

However, Apple hasn’t just been adding some curves and ridges to the iPhone, it’s also been adding a lot of glass.

The aluminum case is also a glass layer, which increases the thickness of the smartphone.

Apple calls this the iPhone Edge.

And the iPhone has a special glass finish that helps it resist scratchesThe iPhone and the iPad have both used glass as the back and front-facing display, but Apple has added a special kind of glass that keeps scratches to a minimum, even when the phone is in a position that can scratch it.

This special kind is called the A9.

It has a layer of a special type of glass called polycarbonate, which allows the iPhone to have a lot more scratch resistance.

In addition to the special glass, the A10 is also thicker and thicker, which lets the iPhone be more sturdy and durable.

The A10 has a thickness of just 1.6 mm, which beats the iPad Pro’s thickness of 1.3 mm.

What’s in the iPhone case?iPhone case design and materialsApple uses an aluminum case that has a very special material inside.

Apple says the special material is called a “ceramic polymer” and it’s made from the same polymer used in Apple’s MacBook, MacBook Pro, and MacBook Air.

Apple claims the material is more durable than the glass used in MacBooks and MacBook Pros.

Apple says the A11 case is “extremely strong and durable.”

The A11 uses a “glass and ceramic matrix” that has “two layers of ceramic and a second layer of glass, which enhances its strength.”

Apple claims that the material also provides “better resistance to scratches.”

It has “greater resistance to light scratching.”

Apple has also claimed that the A7 case is more scratch-resistant than the A12 case.

Why is the iPhone so thin?

Apple says that the thickness comes from a special combination of glass and aluminum.

Apple said that the glass is a special ceramic alloy that can’t be chemically modified.

This means that the special ceramic is still “the most durable material known to man.”

Apple also says that this special ceramic “is also the strongest, strongest glass on the planet.”

Apple says that aluminum is “a rare mineral with the strength to withstand high temperatures and extreme pressures.”

Apple says it’s