With Fallout 4 now out in the wild, it’s time to get to know the next game in the series.

Fallout 4 is set in the Commonwealth, and it looks like we’ve got plenty of new places to explore and meet your favourite characters.

The game’s set in Fallout 4, and as such you’ll be exploring the Commonwealth as part of the game’s Vault-Tec faction, as you would in Fallout 2.

Vault-tec is a loosely affiliated organisation that works with the Vault-Enclave, the rival faction of the Fallout franchise.

Vault Enclave members are armed with a number of weaponry, and Vault-traitors are known to kill members of the Vault Enclaves.

You’ll also be exploring a number locations in the world of Fallout 4.

It includes cities such as the Commonwealth Capital Wasteland, the Capital Wasteland and The Pitt, which can be explored as part the story or on foot.

Vault Town is the main settlement in the Capital, and the Capital is home to a large number of characters including you, a Vault-Con.

Vault-Tecton, a vault-tecting technology company, has also been developed by Vault-Techie.

Vault Techie is a group of Vault-Scum that has the mission to create and build the next generation of Vault technology.

Vampyr is another organisation that is working to create Vault-Sec.

Vault Sec is a new faction that you can play as.

They have a number new characters that are also working with Vault-Trader, and have joined the Commonwealth faction.

Venture Capitalists and the CommonwealthA new type of faction is also set to join the Commonwealth in Fallout 5.

They are the Venture Capitalists.

Venture Capitalist are small business owners who are heavily invested in the technology in the game.

These are not just traders, but also scientists, engineers, scientists, and technicians.

They can purchase Vault-tech in the Marketplace and build their own vault-like structure, and they can also make their own Vault-Terminals to store items.

Venturing has never been more important in the Fallout universe.

Fallout 5 will feature some of the most exciting new locations in Fallout.