The reboot of “Star Trek” is a “better” movie than the original trilogy, a “Star Wars” prequel has said.

A source told The Hollywood Reporter that Star Trek Beyond, starring Harrison Ford and Zoe Saldana, is “an original film” that “has its own unique strengths” that are better suited for a “broad-based” audience.

It is the first time a Trek movie has been compared to the “Star War” franchise.

But the source also admitted that “Star Citizen” and “Empire Strikes Back” “have their own unique merits.”

The original trilogy was “an epic sci-fi saga” with “a compelling narrative, great action and great action set pieces,” the source added.

It was also “a story about the Federation, an interstellar empire.”

The source also acknowledged that “there is something special about ‘Star Treks’ being about the people.”

The prequel “is about a time period in space where there are no Humans, no Romulans, no Klingons and no aliens,” the Star Trek source said.

It also features “a great, strong female lead, with her own story.”

While the reboot “reimagines” “StarTrek” in a “different light” than the franchise, “we have always thought it was the best Star Trek film and the most satisfying,” the Source added.

“We are excited about this.”

The “Star Trek” source also said the reboot is “a different tone” and is “better than what we have seen in the past two films.”

The Star Trek actor, who has played both Commander Data and Worf on “Star Tours,” said he and his co-stars are “still learning.”

The source also revealed that “we were able to get some really fun and emotional scenes” in “Star” which he said “really made the film.”

“We had fun,” the actor said.

“The world has changed so much.

And now we have the opportunity to do a movie that we think is better than a film.”

A sequel, “Startrek: Discovery,” is also in the works.

The “Star Voyages” actor said he was “very excited” about the idea of returning to “Starfleet” for a new adventure.

“The first ‘StarTreks’ was just fun, it was fun, and we had fun, but now the whole galaxy is ours and we have a new opportunity,” he said.

The source said he is “excited” about “Star-Treks 2” which is “more fun, more action-packed, and more emotional.”

He added that “the audience will get to see a lot of the old characters” who have been “re-imagined.”

“We’re not trying to reinvent the characters,” he added.