A new type for the mineral gold is in the works, and it’s coming to EVE: The Elder Scrolls Online.

The Elder Scrolls 5: Knights of the Nine was announced at Gamescom this year, and the game’s creators are also working on a spinoff, and one that will feature a new faction in the game.

According to the game, the new ore is called titanium magnetic and will be found in the same areas that exist in the old MMOs.

The ore is thought to be worth around $50,000 a ton, though the game doesn’t yet have a release date or pricing.

“It’s really the beginning of something,” lead designer Rami Ismail said at the time.

“We don’t know if this ore is going to be mined, or if it will be mined by the players, but it’s very exciting.”

The ore is being developed by the Nordic company Alter Ego, who also created the “Elder Scrolls 5” MMO, as well as the “Legends of Tamriel” game.

The company also produced the “Nordic Saga” expansion for the game that came out in 2016.

It’s not the first time the team has been creating new types of materials.

In 2016, they announced that they were developing a new material called “silverium.”

The material has the ability to be used to create armor, weapons, and a lot more.

The game’s first “silver” ore is currently being tested in the wild.

It looks like titanium is going into the Elder Scrolls games because of a partnership with Alter-Ego, but Ismail says it isn’t the first new ore the company has developed.

Alter has made titanium for some other games, but not in the Elder Scroll series.

Ismail did say that Alter is in talks with other developers about making new types.