When you buy a Ti 89, you get a piece of titanium jewelry that can help you get your hair trimmed in a matter of minutes.

The titanium bracelet that comes with the Ti 89 has a magnetic lock that can unlock when it’s time to trim your hair, the latest from the maker of the Ti 88.

It’s a little pricey ($7,300), but the company hopes to sell it on eBay for $1,800.

Ti 89 is a premium brand that sells titanium body jewelry.

It is a type of titanium, which is used in titanium necklaces, bracelets, earrings and earrings.

It has a high density of titanium which is more than 100 times stronger than steel.

Titanium jewelry is usually made with titanium alloy or stainless steel.

Ti 87Ti 89 was the first titanium bracelet made in the United States, according to the company.

It was made for the Ti 87, Ti 88 and Ti 89 titanium watches.

Ti 88Ti 89 and Ti 87 titanium watches were introduced in 2000, but they didn’t make it to the US until the Ti 90 series was launched in 2012.

Ti 88 titanium watches are made with a titanium alloy.

Ti 90 Titanium body jewelry is made of a material called Titanium Dioxide.

It comes in two types: a solid titanium with a ceramic matrix, and a powder titanium with titanium powder.

Ti 90 titanium is more expensive than other titanium bracelets but is a little harder to find.

The Ti 90 is a more premium option than the other titanium body bracelets because it comes with a magnetic clasp, which makes it a better alternative to other titanium rings.

Ti 91 Titanium body jewellery comes with one magnet on the back of the bracelet and another on the top.

The company is also making a Ti 91 titanium bracelet, which the company says will be available in the US sometime in 2019.