The Aussies have finally been able to get a taste of what it is like to be the top dogs in rugby league. 

As of last Saturday, the Aussians had been crowned the league champions with a win over the Wallabies in Melbourne.

They were also crowned champions of the inaugural season, taking the title with a record of 31-7-5.

The Aussie squad was named on Monday night and they will face the Kangaroos in Melbourne on Friday night. 

Aussie rugby union player Ryan Crotty is the captain of the Wallaby squad, but the players will have to wait until Friday night to see if they will get a chance to play in front of the Australian public. 

“There will be some great memories in that game,” Wallabies captain Sam Cane told reporters after the win over Australia.

Wallabies coach Michael Cheika was not keen to get into too much detail about the Wallies’ performance.””

Hopefully they’ll be able to see what we can do.”

Wallabies coach Michael Cheika was not keen to get into too much detail about the Wallies’ performance.

“We’ve got some great players coming up on us, and hopefully they’ll make the best of the opportunity they’re given to play at the highest level,” Cheika said.

“They’ve got a great squad, and we’ve got to be confident they can get their best out of it.”

Wallaby coach Michael Foley was confident his players would do just that.

“The Wallabies have got a really good squad, we’re all in the same boat, and I think they’ll get their opportunity,” Foley said. 

In an attempt to get more people interested in rugby union, Wallabies players have been playing a video game, “Super Rugby”, in which players must tackle opponents while avoiding blocks. 

The Wallaby team has been in the NRL for two seasons now, but are currently the highest-ranked team in the competition with the NRL’s top-ranked side. 

This season they have taken five of their seven games against the reigning premiers, Brisbane Broncos, who are currently third in the league.