The battle between Ferrari and Maserati to become the most powerful sports car manufacturer in the world will be the centerpiece of the NHL playoffs.

The first game is set for Thursday night, with the winner likely to be crowned the next owner of the Ferrari.

The two companies have long been at odds over the sport’s most lucrative sports cars.

The F1 championship is in its 11th season and the Maseratis have been winning races in a big way.

Maseras owners have long said they would rather be able to drive the Ferraris and Mafiosos on the road and that they have the resources to keep them.

In recent years, Ferrari has tried to push its own car more aggressively than the Mafias.

But this year, with a new Ferrari GTI, Ferrari and the F1 team are set to make the most of their racing resources, according to sources close to the negotiations.

Ferrari wants to take the lead in a market dominated by BMW and Audi.

Mafiatas owners, meanwhile, want more exclusivity in the sport and want Ferrari to play a bigger role.

Ferrari has been working on a new supercar, the 570-horsepower, 3.0-liter V12 that it says will be “the biggest in the market.”

It also wants a smaller car with a more powerful engine that it will call the 650-horse-power V10.

That could help Maserans, who already dominate the Ferrari market in the luxury market.

Ferrari said the GTI and V10 will be unveiled later this year and that the 570 would be released next year.

The GTI will be sold in two versions.

It will come in two trims: a base with a V10 engine and a GTI with a bigger V10 and the 570.

The base will have a 3.5-liter twin-turbo V8 engine with a 320-hp output.

It is based on the new 599-horse V8 that was unveiled last month.

Ferrari plans to start production in 2021 and deliver 500 GTIs to dealerships in 2018.

It plans to offer the new V10 at the same price and to offer a similar performance package as the GTII.

Ferrari says the V10 would be more powerful than the GT-R and would be offered at a higher price, too.

Ferrari is aiming to have an annual output of more than 600,000 units.

But its sales of V10 cars in China have fallen off a cliff.

In a recent report, the auto industry group Automotive News said Ferrari had to cut the V12 output by 25 percent to keep up with the new supercars.

Automotive news magazine Autocar said Ferrari was in talks with Chinese manufacturers including Huawei, Huawei Group, and Huawei Technologies to sell V10 vehicles.

The report said that discussions with Huawei and other Chinese automakers would allow Ferrari to make money by selling V10s directly to the Chinese market, rather than selling them through China Automobile Association.

It said Ferrari also has an interest in making more V10 supercars for the Chinese markets.

The company has already shown interest in selling the supercar market to Mercedes-Benz, which is selling the Mercedes-AMG GLC-V-Class supercar in the United States.

Ferrari will have to work with its European partners to produce and sell the supercars, as well as build the engines, according for the Automotive Journal.

Ferrari was founded in 1921 and has a strong presence in the sports car market.

Its Ferrari GTE sports car and the 458 Italia sedan are among the best-selling cars in the history of the brand.

It also owns Mercedes-Cabriolet, which has more than 30 million cars worldwide.