Beijing — China is building a “super-sturdy” titanium plate that will protect the aircraft carriers from high-speed crashes.

The new aircraft carrier, the Liaoning, is expected to replace the ageing Liaoning class, which was scrapped in 2011.

The Liaoning is designed to be able to carry as many as 30 aircraft.

China has already completed the construction of a titanium plate around its aircraft carriers, according to a report by the Associated Press.

It is the biggest titanium plate ever made for a modern ship.

A new type of titanium is being developed by the Chinese company Tsinghua University.

The researchers are using the material to make high-strength titanium rings around the hulls of aircraft carriers and submarines.

The titanium ring has been created by using a combination of carbon nanotubes and aluminum to make the material more flexible, said Tsinghan University professor Yu Jianzhu, who designed the project.

The study will be presented at a meeting of the International Institute of Tsinghuan University on Thursday in Beijing.

The super-structure will also protect the vessels from “extreme impacts,” Yu said.

China’s carriers are designed to withstand high-altitude collisions and are expected to be a key part of its maritime strategy.

China has also built two new aircraft ships, the Zhongshan and the Liaoyang, as well as a nuclear-powered carrier.