An innovative titanium bike built by a California startup can be used to construct bicycles for the first time.

The Titanium Bike, a new product from titanium bicycle maker TerraTech, combines a carbon fiber frame with titanium alloy wheels to create a lightweight and strong frame that is lighter than steel, but stronger and more durable than aluminum.

The titanium bike is meant to be used in construction, with the company using titanium alloy on both its frame and wheels.

It is a great alternative to steel bicycles, which have a high price tag, since titanium alloy is generally harder and harder to make.

The company has raised over $5 million in funding so far, but the company is not ready to ship the first units.

TerraTech has a lot of ideas for the bike, but they include a carbon fork, a titanium handlebar, and a carbon wheel.

Terra Tech is using a titanium fork, which is much stronger than aluminum, to make the bike.

The titanium fork is stronger than the aluminum one, which would have to be made of steel.

Terratech also says the titanium frame is very lightweight, with a weight of just 0.9kg, which means the bike can be moved in almost any direction.

“There are many bicycle components that are designed to be strong and strong, but we think this is the first one that has a high-strength, high-weight structure that you can do with carbon fiber, and that makes it really light, too,” said Tyler Hirsch, the chief executive officer of TerraTech.

Hirsch said TerraTech also is working on using the bike in more practical applications, including construction, but he would not say if the company has started any manufacturing operations.

Terra is currently developing the bike and is hoping to ship it in the first quarter of 2019.

Terra will be able to sell its titanium bikes to bike manufacturers, which will then be able make them available to consumers.

Hans Janson, an engineer who was a co-founder of Terra Tech, said the company believes the titanium bike can offer something different for the bicycle industry.

“The design, the aesthetics, the materials are all so interesting and unique that we have a lot to learn, but it’s not about the design, it’s about what the user can do when they want to do it,” Janson said.

“It’s a bike for the cyclist, for people who want a bike that is lightweight, that is strong, and can be ridden anywhere.

We want to help people get there.”

Terra said the bike has already been used in a number of different construction projects.

The bicycle has been used to build a bike rack for a construction company and has been in the works for the last few months as a part of a construction project at a military facility.