Fox News is reporting that titanium wedding band manufacturers are being accused of violating federal consumer protection laws.

According to Fox News, titanium wedding ring companies are facing a number of federal and state investigations into alleged fraudulent marketing practices.

The report cites a 2015 lawsuit filed by the Consumer Federation of America.

The Consumer Federation’s lawsuit alleged that some wedding band companies advertise their rings as titanium, when in fact they are made from aluminum.

In its complaint, the consumer watchdog group alleged that the “wedding band industry is exploiting the flawed nature of the titanium product and its inherent health risks, which have been proven to be very real.”

The complaint also alleged that “many of the ring makers that sell titanium wedding wedding bands have made false claims about the rings’ safety and the rings have been used in injuries, deaths and serious illnesses.

This is not a matter of opinion.

This industry is using false advertising to push a dangerous product that has been proven not to be safe.”

According to the Consumer Advocates for Safe Cosmetics, “There are no scientific studies to show that titanium rings are more likely to protect against cancer than stainless steel rings.

The FDA has concluded that titanium ring use is safe, even when used for purposes such as jewelry and tattoos.”

The group claims that the FDA has also “found no evidence that titanium has any beneficial effects for human health.”

The Federal Trade Commission has opened an investigation into the issue, Fox News reported.

The agency has reportedly sent letters to companies seeking information on their marketing practices and how to comply with consumer protection regulations.