Posted February 01, 2018 07:09:24Titanium, which was first introduced in 2010 and now used in watches from Rolex to Hermès, is a durable, water-resistant alloy made from carbon and titanium.

It has been widely touted as the next evolution of the watch industry.

It’s been touted as a smartwatch, and it is.

The Citizen Titanium watch was released last week in limited quantities.

Citizen released a statement that said the watch is designed to be worn while exercising, and also to be used in the gym.

“It features a built-in heart rate monitor and can also be worn on its own for a workout,” Citizen said.

It comes in titanium and stainless steel versions, and the stainless steel version costs $2,400.

The stainless steel model costs $1,800.

The new Citizen titanium watch is the second of a series of new titanium watches.

The first is the Citizen Watch X, which is priced at $1.3 million.

Citizen has a long history of making watches with titanium in mind.

The company introduced a titanium version of its famous chronograph back in 2000.

The Titanium watch uses a unique “heart rate sensor” that allows the watch to measure your heart rate.

The watch uses titanium alloy to create a watch that is water resistant and will not crack or rust if wet.

The heart rate sensor is built into the watch and it’s attached to the wrist using an elastic band.

It is then connected to the bracelet via an integrated clasp that is designed for a wrist strap.

There are several ways you can wear the titanium watch.

It can be worn as a bracelet.

You can also attach the watch with a bracelet, which uses a traditional clasp that has an integrated band that holds it together.

It also comes with a strap that attaches the watch around your wrist and attaches to the watch via an elastic strap.

It’s important to note that Citizen says that the watch has no battery life and does not have a water resistance rating.

It only has a wrist-worn rating of 150 meters.

Citizen says the watch will last for five days.

The Citizen Watch Watch X also comes in stainless steel and titanium versions.

The titanium version costs more, at $2.400, and comes with an optional watch band.